from left to right: vanessa, gaby, gitze

from left to right: Vanessa Violence (Flizzer), Gaby R, GitZe

Gaby, GitZe and Vanessa Violence (aka Flizzer), were three very young (aged between 13 - 15) and defiant girls from the area Augsburg (Bavaria), when they started to play together. In the beginning their band was called "Deutscher Abschaum", but after a few weeks GiTze suggested to re-name to "Pervers" and go for weekly recording sessions at her room in her parents house. First they had also a male member, Ingo Riedl, but he left the band soon due to permanent fights with Vanessa Violence. They titled themselves "Punkband", but their music did not sound like the typical German Punk of the 80's. They were inspired by German experimental bands (e.g. Hirnheimer, Familie Hesselbach, Toedliche Doris, Geile Tiere, MDK) and aimed to carry their dilletantish play to extremes. Apart from e-guitar, bass guitar and a snare drum they often used objects which weren't very usual for punk music those days (cans, metal objects, distortion/noise modules and an e-organ). Their lyrics mostly dealed with the "shady sites of human existence". They recorded two longplayer tapes, which GitZe distributed to underground mailorders in and out of Germany. They also appeared on a few tape compilations on different labels. An offer to release a LP on a well-known german punk-label they rejected, because of the sexistic attitudes of the label owners. By the end of 1984 they released their first record, an 7inch EP with 5 tracks (Zweckfrei Records, Frankfurt - in co-operation with GitZe's label S.U.F.F. - edition: 500 copies). After a review of that EP in the US Fanzine "Maximum Rock'n Roll" they caught some attraction in the United States and were invited to come to New York for some gigs, but since they still hadn't the full age, it didn't happen. Vanessa left the band then. Gaby and GitZe continued. After some (more or less) quiet years they got together with Zweckfrei Records again and drove to Frankfurt for a studio-session that also included friends of the Zweckfrei label-owner (C. & C..Oral, Roger Kobernuss). These tracks were not published on vinyl (as initially planned), but only on a simple CD-R, because there was an insoluble disagreement between Pervers and Zweckfrei about the design of the record-cover. In 1989 (they were still schoolgirls) the story of Pervers ends: GitZe's and Gaby's musical preferences had developed into different directions. written by G & G in december 2003

Update 2019: some of the known Pervers songs were released on a vinyl compilation Randstock Records in 2014. See Discogs for details.

Vanessa V. is trading with antique dolls. Gaby is a social worker. GitZe is still making music (as "Beta Evers") and runs record labels.

Some of it you can find on Youtube. The old audio tapes are either lost or their quality is too bad to share it.

EP titles: the german superman, triebficker, kostenpreis 1.50, freude am tanz, asozialCD

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